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Follow Train on Twitter @Train!
Pat is active on Twitter and you might get to see yourself in one the of the crowd shots that get tweeted out after every show!

  • AshleyXO

    i am waiting for pat to retweet or reply to me one day. better yet follow me since he IS the reason i joined twitter! ;-P

  • Juclery81

    you maked me cry wiht…drops o jupiter and now you make me happy with Drive me….thanks for your wonderful music, text and voices from Italy!

  • Joan Olson

    OMG,I’m turning 65 tomorrow, but Train keeps me feeling young & alive!  And the wine helps too!  Can’t wait until 9/5 in Boca !

  • Charmaine Venables

    follow me Pat, @missyvenables xxxxx

  • Chzick

    Sorry my english is not so good! After two weeks in the hospital I was so happy to hear your voice! ” May be this will be my year! “I feel it! But so it was not right. Pleas give me some words to feel better.

  • diane

    Hi Pat,thought you were fantastic on The Cyndi Lauper show on Sky Arts, :-)

  • hol

    Hi Pat today is our daughter Samantha’s 8th bday and we are at the Mann to see Train and she is excited! Holly, Samantha and Holly from Oaks, PA

  • Clark Eller

    Kudos to you for what you did today on Today Show. Signing your shirt and giving it the down syndrome girl in the audience. You made her smile from San Francisco to NY! Love it! Love you guys!

  • Clevelandfan

    Pat, loved your recent blog. Really appreciated your humor in cleveland. Pay no attention to those that don’t get you. There’s enough of us that do. Hell, nobody gets my humor and I don’t care because I enjoy myself! :) If you can’t enjoy yourself, who can you enjoy?

  • Charmaine Venables
  • Susan Varnes-Newland

    Loved your show in Puyallup! The love and energy was amazing! We want Train to join ‘US’ ( a major airline in Seattle) on our Fanatsy Santa Flight , for children in need. How do I contact you about this? I am the Purser, and am dreaming Big. I Believe in miracles. Just like Polar Express!

  • Tam at the Beach

    your concert was one of the major highlights of my life. Battled and beat cancer this year. My younger sister is battling it too! Your songs inspire me. Can’t wait for your return to VA Beach! You are truly a gifted writer and singer. Addicted to your cd’s. Thank you for brining joy to my family during your amazing concert! Your interaction with the crowd, your humor, your looks, wow. You took my breath away! Thank you.

  • Jeff House

    Please…I have tried facebook, forums, Trains management and I cannot get the bands attention! I am not sure if you are still doing weddings and such
    with your current shows but I would love to surprise my wife of 22 years with a
    vow renewal ceremony at your show at the Chicago Theatre on Dec. 14th.

  • Denise Hansen

    Pat so excited to see you at the Rave tonight. Will you be enjoying Milwaukee nitelife after the shoe

  • Rachel

    Hi Pat, back in May 2012, u blogged that all u wanted was for someone to say,’Congratulations, You’ve come a long way’…well, on Thurs in Newcastle we held a banner up saying just that!! U glanced at it and we hope u read it as u obviously needed the support! Best wishes and ‘Well done’ on a great gig!!

  • Daniel Coad

    Im so happy to be in 4 these pics! And I got a setlist after the gig! Such an amazing night… Hope you come back, when you sang without a Mic my heart melted!

  • Jacey Lofton

    Hey Pat. My name is Jacey and I am sixteen years old from Houston, Texas. My best friend’s name is Quinton and he really means a lot to me. He’s a type A diabetic and just in the past year or so of knowing him, he’s been through a tough time with many hospitalizations and a few scares that really affected him on many levels, and I thank God every day that he is healthy and in a much better place physically and mentally today. A little while back however, we had gone through a rough patch of our own and decided to stop being friends. This was very hard on the both of us. But then you and your band Train had come to the woodlands pavilion last September, and he and I had already bought tickets before hand and decided to go together. We ended up having an amazing time, talking and laughing and even ended up dancing together to your song “Drops of Jupiter” because it was special to the both of us. That concert restarted our friendship again. I wanted to thank you for that. It really made me realize what an amazing friendship I had thrown away. I love him very much and so grateful. For his birthday, I bought us tickets to your next Train concert at the Woodlands, August 2 (Can’t wait!!) and it would be really special if you could play and dedicate that song to him. He means a lot to me, and seeing how I’m terrible with words, I don’t really tell him that enough. But if you don’t, I’m still thankful. Just you playing that song last September was more than enough. So thank you.

  • Diane Lee Glaod

    Met you at the 930 Club many years ago when you just started out and am still a big fan! Keep singing…love your music. Keep singing. xoxo

  • Jon

    Hello Pat. My wife and I saw you recently at Iowa State Fair. Great show. Sorry if she grabbed your backside as you walked through the crowd. Saw you in recent runner’s world mag and it said you suffer from Asthma. I am a PT who could help breathe more efficiently if you are in Des Moines again.

  • Heidi Berg

    Hello from Tacoma Washington hope you tour here again

  • Heidi Berg

    Your every womans fantasy ever womanz dream,your some ones soul hero that is invluding me ,your voice mabey simple your heart is a kings temple the words set a mystery locked up broken free.your the key to all wrong in music you make ir right .its not about fame its how you play the game .no words open a door no words can stop a train no words have that kind of pain but words that have feelings can save everyone ……

  • Jenna Weirich

    just a warning, don’t get a new manager…long story. haha.