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By admin • Uncategorized • 11 Mar 2012
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  • test

    testie testerson

  • Trinalarie



    Hallo, good morning Train.


    Hi, Pat you are beautiful!!!! Frendly kiss from Lugano (Switzerland)


    Drive by video, is amazing. Many compliments all for you. Sorry for my inglisch, is not so good. Italian ist better. Ciaoo

  • helena

    I love you train! you are my biggest fan!!

  • Candy T. ~ Maine

    You were fantastic at Meadowbrook (Gilford, NH) over the weekend. Awesome concert! Thanks for making my ticket worth the purchase. Come back soon.

  • Charmaine Venables
  • lemus296

    I am a huge Train fan, I was at the Tuscaloosa concert on Sept.11, 2012. Concert was great, however, I was extremely jealous of the people who got to sit up front and get free tshirts and the girls who got to go on stage. But thats what happens when you can not get a seat near the stage you get what you pay for when you sit in the back, or anywhere that is not at the front of the stage. I am still upset about it.

  • Xavi

    I would love to receive a pic and/or shirt signed by you Pat. I am your fan number ONE

  • Pam Thornton

    Pat you and your music are great dont change and when areyou coming to Philadelphia,pa

  • Disappointed fans

    Disappointed to see you are not coming back to Tennessee after the fiasco of going to your concert only to hear the audience sing due to your illness. I figured when you said you would make it up to the audience you meant you would include us on your next concert tour.