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Pat Monahan Photo Gallery: Concert, Candid and Promo Shots

  • Debbie7381

    He is undescribably beautiful

  • Lisa Ewing

    Awesome shots!!

  • Decaleximo

    There’s definitely something sexy about him!!!!

  • Marycontucci

    but in Italy? When? Or in Europe?

  • TrainacKayla


  • the vic-ster

    These pictures are amazing. He is so perfect. Can we get some new shots soon? :)

  • mrse2002

    Oooooooh, nice! looks so fab, he definately has something about him! Very natural, very sexy…….

  • Mary Root

    Just seen you at the dicks open on aug 17th wish i could have gotten closer. Wish i could have that night again

  • Dania

    Hello Pat, I have seen many interviews with you and your group, what I like most is your personality and sense of humor that shines out of your way to be. Remains always the case, do not ever change. I also know of the loss of your parents, because I know that means I also lost them both many years ago. But they continue to see each other, I’m sure, and also help us in difficult times, in a mysterious way for us, but there are always neighbors. Congratulations on your beautiful family, your wife, your children, when you get “a little ‘old’ to continue doing concerts, they will be there to fill your life with meaning, as they do already, of course. Best wishes to all. Daniela from Rome – Italy

  • Dania

    Thank you Pat and your group for your music that gives me great emotions. I have recently discovered, thanks to my two children, 25 years and 15 years. They play with friends in some places of Rome, just for fun, but sometimes earn something. In their repertoire consists of covers of various groups, including your Drops Of Jupiter I listened to their first “small concert” and, from that moment, I went looking for the history of the Train and I found your world. Wonderful!
    Unfortunately I can not come to America to attend one of your concerts, if you can organize a tour in Italy (including Rome, perhaps!) Then surely I would not miss the chance. Who knows …

    For now I’m happy to listen to your music magic.

    Thank you very much

    Daniela from Rome

  • Pamela Dunn Lynch

    Waiting for TRAIN to come on stage in the drizzling rain!

  • Thelma Landers

    He would look awsome with long hair… sexy kinda …rough look lol but he sure would look like a nerd with glasses black ones!!!!

  • Thelma Landers

    Think black jeans is his trademark”

  • Donna Dawson

    You bring joy to my heart. Love your voice, face and talent!

  • Dania

    Hello Pat, I’m listening to your music, especially your words, there are some of your songs that I bring to mind painful memories and at the same time beautiful. Many years ago, 26 namely, the person with whom I also climbed the summit of Everest if I had asked, she left me. He left all of us on Earth, to reach another place, who knows, perhaps better. He could not even meet her son. Life takes and gives life. It makes you feel to the stars and a moment later in the darkness darker, where do you think you can not even breathe, so it’s dark. After so much darkness has returned a little ‘light and I met another person who has given me a little’ life and with him I built my future / present, I was also able to give a brother (now 15 years) to My Andrew, who is now 25 years old. From this I learned that it is never superfluous thankful for the big things we have, but sometimes we do not realize that they have, or do not appreciate enough. Thanks for letting me read. Best wishes for your whole life.

    Daniela from Rome

  • Susan

    Thank you for performing and making music….Train makes me very happy!!

  • Dania

    Hello Pat, how are you? The tour is over, I guess you’ll be taking a well earned rest with your family. Your post of 22/09 is beautiful, it made me think even more about my life, I lost a lot but I also had, and still have, a lot. You who see all those families who, despite all the suffering of their loved ones, they can find the strength to live and transmitting it to others, is compelling and suggests that life is indeed stronger than any pain you may experience. Children are a great gift that is given to us, I personally am aware that they are not my work but that of someone else, if he wants, can make you understand that you can escape through my fingers in an instant. I’ll tell you a story: My oldest son Andrea (25) is a young man full of life, a thousand interests, including the bike. A year ago he had an accident that could be fatal (crashed at 130 miles per hour against a car he was passing, which has not notified before turning to the left), but for a miracle, came out alive and with only a broken collarbone. The bike has been split in two, we scrapped, no more. He now goes alone in the car, his friends are “forbidden” to try to buy another one. I thanked her friends and … the sky. As I write this I still feel the shivers of terror behind his back. Now it is all past, think of the future living and enjoying every moment of this. P.S. your children are beautiful, your greatest female is like you, has your same smile! The little girl is very sweet, like his mother? Greetings to all.

    Daniela from Rome

  • Dania

    Hello Pat, now I can not avoid to write, I know that we have never met personally, but I feel a kinship with you through what you write and I feel that we have become old friends. Also I think my parents and how I miss them, especially my mom. Even though I’m 48, sometimes I feel like I’m still a little girl in search of her comfort. It was a very strong person who raised four children in a state of almost poverty, but despite this, there has always transmitted his power of life and its positivity. Even in his last moments was able to joke about his illness (cancer of the liver if ‘is taken away). Yesterday was a party for my son Alessio (15 years old), a religious festival (we are Catholic) which is the confirmation of Baptism. We were with family and friends and it was a happy moment for all of us. I thought of my parents who were not physically with us but, I’m sure, were there too in some way, to celebrate their youngest grandson, as they had already done so many times before, when they were alive, for their grandchildren larger . I hope one day I can meet them again and spend time with them as much as before. I’d love to, like you said, to exchange at least a week to see them soon, but life and death for us to remain a great mystery, we can not know when and how, we can revise our loved ones who are no longer on earth . Sometimes I dream, I’ll settle for this, to spend time with them during my nightly dreams. I thank you from the heart.
    Daniela from Rome

  • Dania

    Pat, I forgot to tell you something important: for now, until you have breath to sing with your great and beautiful voice, DO NOT stop! Do not go to a farm to prepare the food for the people, that I can do, if you want, later. I recommend it? Joke, I know exactly what you’ll never do such a thing. A big hug!
    Daniela from Rome

  • lozzy <3 Train ( Pat Monahan0

    Pat, i would say your the hottest man I’ve seen as a excellent singer and even though i’m 11 your the hottest man ever i listen to all of trains song and i think the band have the best lead singer and also your hair its so cute i love it. In my room i have thousands of posters of you and your band and lots of your autographs when i have been to your concerts or seen them. at least i have thousand of posters of you and i would love to go to one of your concerts and actually get to say hello and have a conversation and get to know you and your band and that i can tell my mates at school that i met pat Monahan who is in the band TRAIN and he is the hottest cutest MAN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dania

    Hello Pat, how are you? Finally, even in Rome it got a bit of autumn. Your baby turns 1 these days? Many wishes for a Happy First Birthday! It must be wonderful to have another little one running to the house … how I envy you! My children are grown now, I just have to wait to become … Grandma! Do not worry if you happen to complain, you do not know how good it is to share our thoughts on everything about the joys and sorrows of life, the great joys in store for us. Your work is beautiful, you should be satisfied at large. I, like many millions of other people I guess, I carry out a rather boring job in an office. I do not live of course all the beautiful emotions that you live, even if sometimes it can be tiring but, as you have said (written) is what you always wanted. Few people in the world can turn a dream into reality. Your music is a perfect blend of melody, rock and feeling, which I transmit through the words of your songs. When I turn on your music, my mind begins to wander away and are no longer on Earth. From the first time I listened to Drops of jupiter I felt the desire to discover all the others and, for me, are more beautiful than the other. Some, as I wrote you, I relive old memories, beautiful, even if painful. Others give me a jolt of energy and make me dance. Still others make me smile. By the way, you made me smile (even laugh) reading the last few sentences of your last post. So, wear the mask for your child? It’s fun to play with the kids, they are surprised of all, go to the discovery of the total world around them. Good Halloween!

    Daniela from Rome

  • Dania

    Hello Pat, reading the news relating to ‘Hurricane Sandy I saw that the Pennsylvania had snow storms, I hope it is nothing serious happened. I feel sorry for all those affected by this tragic event, unfortunately when nature strikes in a manner so violent it is impossible to combat it. Italy is also often victims of catastrophes, earthquakes, floods … when they arrive do not forgive. I hope to read soon that you are all well. A big hug.

    Daniela from Rome

  • Tina Rodenhouse

    HOT! and his voice is to melt for….need I say more.

  • Pam Thornton

    I agree Pat is very hot Pat puts his heart and soul into his music someday i would like to go to one of your concerts Pam

  • Dania


    I did not know anything yet, I heard just now reading your blog. I can not find any useful word to describe how I feel. My blood froze in my veins. I can not imagine even for a split second, it must have been to live the horror of those moments and the infinite sorrow of the family now. I will pray for them. I will pray asking that they find the strength to go on. I will pray asking that they can always feel close to their angels disappeared.


  • Margo

    I want more photos please ! ;D

  • Katie

    I will be 62 years old on June 13th of 2013 and I would love for you guys to play in Seattle. Train is my absolute favorite group. I love every song you do and I haven’t felt that way since I found Bonnie Raitt, Linda Rhondstat and then The Eagles way back when. Don’t get me wrong I love a lot of music but i rarely find talent that I enjoy everything they do and you guys rock to the top of my list and have been there for quite some time. I hope to see you live in 2013.

  • Dania

    Hello Pat,

    first of all I want to do a lot Merry New Year to you, your family and your group. I saw the video “New Year’s Eve.” You seemed very serious while singing “Imagine”, perhaps even moved, right? Maybe you were thinking of Newtown. I thought about it too, and I often think I want to cry every time. I did not feel sad, I’m sorry. I hope that 2013 bring you and your family many serene news. A hug.

    Daniela from Rome

  • Mrs fredo and kids

    we love train and the story about drops of jupitarJupiter! we’ve seen you at Westbury music fair and the today show your awesome! we took a picture with you and you gave us a train shirt. thanks and keep the music commimg.

  • Linda

    Love your music

  • Dania

    Hello Pat,

    how are you? Hope all is ok. For Valentine’s Day will be in the UK, will be happy all those who see you in concert. I wish I could be there … I’d love to! I’m sure I’d be so excited! Perhaps one day I will fulfill my dream. Best of luck!

    A hug.


  • Linda Hamilton

    HI Pat,I Just wanted to let you know that I hope you feel better soon and I absolutely love Trains music.Is there any chance of the Train coming to Ky. soon.Love,

  • jay jackson

    Oh well I can only say….gorgeou yumny scrumptious n oh so good singer x

  • Kathi Olfano

    Pat’s smile makes me happy.! If I’m feeling down all I need to do is look at his smile. Thanks Pat

  • Candice

    Love the look u standing on the stage and holding microphone and closing eyes,that’s charming ,so that’s real great musician!love U so so much!

  • candice


  • candice

    it is charmnig of u that standing on stage with microphone and closing eyes,so that is real great musician,love u so so ,uch

  • gianni

    lot of photos of mr Monahan but hardly find any of his sons’, I find that quite odd, hmmm. Yes quite odd. You see pics all over of his little girl, but i don’t think i’ve seen one yet of his other children?

  • eliza

    my goal in life is 2 kiss him I love him perfect in every way

  • eliza

    Hey Pat!! All I have 2 say is that when I 1st saw u I just well idk how 2 say it but I just knew ur so talented and I love mermaid well I love all ur songs I saw u in concert in july and ever since then I have wanted 2 c u again and again. I love u so so much. I am a singer and song writer and I have always dreamed of singing with u that would make my dream come true!!!! I know u r married but I just want u 2 know that I will always love u!!!!!!!!! u r my inspiration!!! xoxo lots and lots of love

  • eliza


  • Marin Marin Marin Marin

    <3 <3 <3