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  • Rachel

    AWESOME concert at the Toledo Zoo Amphitheater last night! Best concert; you SOOO connected with the audience. Thank you!

  • Devon McVey

    Great concert last night at the Mann! We brought our kids and it was great fun for all ages. My husband’s name is Jeff McVey. There is a family rumor that you dated his sister Jenni at McDowell High School ; )

    • T. Harrison Bradley

      Only a rumor and perhaps you should keep your thoughts private.

  • Maryland

    You seem to be to “done to earth” to be a celebrity… :)

    • Thelma

      Michael Ray …. wrote this drops of jupiter …hmmm wow scare is still on his chin now how did he get away with 20ys of lying who he is? WOW worst nite mare just shown up… still believe your a vampire?!?!?!?!?? WAkey WAkey many dont know who he really is….shall i say?

  • Karin

    We used “Marry Me” in our wedding last summer and were so excited to see you in Endicott NY last weekend because we love your music and lyrics. Sad to say, it was a huge disappointment- The venue was way, way overbooked and when we found a spot to see the opening band, we were moved by security-because we were in front of the VIP box. We were moved to a place we couldn’t even see a Jumbotron, or really hear anything-. We’d traveled two days to see this concert (from Maine) and ended up leaving after 3 songs. My husband won’t even listen to your music now—I know it’s probably the organizers fault ( Dick’s Sporting Goods and EnJoie golf). It just makes my heart ache to be honest coz I don’t think that’s who you are.

  • Elizabeth

    You guys were awesome on David Letterman tonight. Nothing touches a heart more than seeing children included in your performance… You made their day and something they will never forget…smiles!

  • Girl_Born_in_Novato

    I love your music, respect your gratitude for your mom and relate to the lyrics in Aug 19, blog This Love is…the words come close to expressing me about my Michael, who died on Feb 28, 2011 at age 45.

    I never expected anyone to be a more devoted fan of Marin than my big brother, Dave. He jumped to his death in 2000 in the Marin Headlands. age 42. He couldn’t hold on a few weeks more to experience taking a ferry to see the Giants play in brand new PacBell Park, like he planned to do often. I was surprised by your bio, born and raised back East. Also surprised by song title, California 37. I have lived 40+ years within at most, 30 miles from the very short highway and have never heard it referred to as California 37. Highway 37, sometimes-mostly just 37, like 101 and not like Highway 1, which we call Highway 1. Please tell me you don’t call it “Frisco”, even if you do, your blog is correct, only kindness matters.

  • Elizabeth

    Creepy…no…Goofy…yes…but a fun goofy like someone you hang out with…come visit the beaches in Maryland…we are all “fun and goofy”…

  • Joyce

    I honestly don’t know where to begin…I wonder IF you’ll even ever REALLY read this. My best friend, my favorite thing to do, the love of my life, the person in almost everyone of your songs and I are going with such grand excitement to your verizon theater Grand Prairie, Texas concert on September 15, 2012……I would truly be blessed if you were to honor a request to sing “I’m about to come alive” or”drops of Jupiter” for us…to us.

    You see I’ll try to explain…this is us and how you fit in…we have a love that I’ve neverknown, one that I’ve never seen, one that I am CONVINCED that only we have. We are “breath in” and ” breath out” you can’t tell where one of us begins and the other one ends. We have loved a long time and we have loved hard. We have been through more than anyone I know and we have..well had managed to live and love be consumed with each other for more than 13 years…and we did it living apart from one another…YES we have had an once in a lifetime, almost spiritual cosmic unrealistic love affair and have had to do it apart…this FINALLY took it’s toll…we lost each other the end/beginning of last year and 2012.

    Up till now this is how it goes…I feel in love and was mesmerized by you way back to”meet Virginia”…then came “we” feel in love while falling in love with “drops of Jupiter”. We went back to me et Virginia because it so described a lot about who I am all the while learning about who we were and what we have andhow real love can hurt in drops of Jupiter…EVERY single album, almost EVERY song is him, is me, is us. What we’ve been through, what were going through. You have touched our lives, been such a part of the both of us. We are very emotional about Train.

    Well I delightfully say that on February 14 th a magical miracle transpired….the very day that him and I ended…reached finality was the very day we began again..and AGAIN there you were and important link between him and I…my final text to him was…think about what I’ve written this past 16 hours as I’ve told you what you’ve meant to me my life my world….and although at this moment I find that I can not breath without you I think I could find the air to sustain if you’d promise me one last thing…in April train releases their new album…I will leave you be until that day…that day I will be standing out front of best buy at 9am…if you still love me and find you can’t live without me ad I’ve
    You then meet me their and buy me their CD as you’ve everyone before. A couple of hours later be FINALLY responded to me….I’ll give you time, the until then and we’ll meet that morning and see how we feel…he later phoned as my desperate need for his air to breath again became ever so evident to him and he ws frightened for me. We spoke and again concluded that Train release date was the magical date….well I’m thankful more so than other time in my life that with in 48 hours ws were back in one another arms and we have loved even more than we loved when we loved the most and we rock each other harder than we’ve ever done even after 13 years…we are grander than ever…now

    He is”about to come alive” and his ” drops of Jupiter” has landed right back where she belongs….by the by, WE got that CD on that day together as we had every other CD. Then we found out only a month before that you were coming back to our state and without hesitation we spent an obscene amount of money to see you AGAIN….you were there with us from beginning to end the first chance we had and you have been with us from our new beginning…you really really move us Pat Monahan..

    To sum this up….I’d really love to hear one or both songs art this concert because I THINK after almost 14 years he possibly is going to finally ask me to be his till death do we part…..if he heard those songs and know they are from me he would know that it was THE time.

    Maybe you’ll never read this and maybe you’ll never know how big a part of our lives you have been but I know and I’ve put it all out there so if ever by chance you come across this letter I hope it moves you like you move us and we move each other.

    Truly Train s for life.


  • John Cole Kirksey

    Hey Pat, I know the odds of you actually seeing this are slim to none, but I am an editor for the Maryville College Newspaper. You are playing at the fall festival in about 3 weeks and it would mean so much if I could interview you for our paper? If this is even possible please email me at! This Could be the biggest thing to ever happen to our paper.

  • mary

    Hi Pat,
    I know you’re coming to Boston for Mixfest! First of all that’s awesome! Saw you in N.H. August 26th. What an amazing night!!! Second of all I live just outside of Boston and would love to be a random for coffee….. I know this is crazy but here’s my number so call me maybe!!!!!

  • larson

    Just wanted to share a quick story with Pat about how Drops of Jupiter defines the experience I had losing my mom to cancer in 2004. It was the song I blared in my car as I was driving home from the hospital the night she died. It just felt right at the time, and became the song I remembered my mom by in the years to come. Every time I heard it I would remember her as she was before getting sick – determined, vibrant, and helping people realize “that there’s room to grow.” Oddly, it wasn’t until last year that I learned that Pat had written this song after losing his mom to cancer. This morning I randomly chose the Drops of Jupiter album to listen to while getting ready. It wasn’t until I heard the title track that I realized today is my mom’s birthday. Before she died, she told me that she would always be with me, just in a different form – in the atmosphere, perhaps. Thanks, Pat, for writing this song and helping my mom and me to stay in touch.

  • Rebecca Freeman

    Pat, Scott and Jimmy, Just another thank you for sharing the Train story last night our on VH1. I am thankful for your drive, Pat, to persevere through tough times and keep the bands best interest at the forefront. I am also thankful for Amber who is her own rockstar to keep reminding you of the true person you are and the strength you give others without even knowing it. She is one lucky girl!!! You are a lucky guy to have Scotty looking out for you and introducing you two. I can tell you have had my attention since the first album and I still listen to music from that album. You have written the soundtrack of my life. I hold on the belief, that some day, no matter how long from now, I will have the privilege to meet you and I will do my part to make it happen in a non-stalker type of way. BTW, you all are so much more handsome now than when you were younger….Pat…you definitely get my blood flowing. As I said, Amber is a lucky, girl.

  • Heather

    Hey Pat. My friend Sandra Martinez had tickets to the meet in greet in Denver last night but had to miss it because her husband had surgery. We will be at the Salt Lake concert tonight. If you could give her a shout out it would mean the world to her! You are her favorite singer of all time she literally flies places to see your concerts. We will be in the front row with her two cute blonde little girls. Thank you so much for making the kind of music that speaks to our souls. =)

  • Taunya Wilcox

    I’m so excited for the concert in Portland tomorrow night! I was really hoping you will play Parachute – I know it’s an oldie (sort of ) but it’s my absolute favorite song in the entire world. I’m 42 years old (almost 43) and I play it over and over like a teenager! My kids think it’s very entertaining :-) Thanks and best wishes, Taunya Wilcox

  • Selena Lamantia

    Hi Pat, I bought Train tickets for my 13 year old daughter and I to last night’s concert in Boise. At the last minute my 9 year old son with Autism had a major meltdown and I was unable to go. My daughter ended up taking a friend. I was so sad about not being able to spend the evening with her listening to your amazing music. Today a friend posted your blog after last night’s show (Sept 22, 2012). I had such appreciation in my heart for you, recognizing us mom’s with special needs kids. I helped me to appreciate myself for sticking by my son that night even though I had to miss a special evening with my daughter. Thank you!

  • Susan Varnes-Newland

    Pat, Thank you for your awesome concert in Puyallup last night! Awesome ! I would love Train to join us on our Santa Flight for children in need, in Seattle this December! (This is with the airline you fly on, that begins with ‘D’). I am the Purser, and am struggling with how to contact you! This is like the Polar Express, except on an airplane ! I hope you read this, so I can share what our project is all about. I love your spirit and sincerity !

  • Nickie

    Great show in Puyallup. We will definately be bringing the kid next time. Even at 7, he walks around singing your songs. A little bummed that there were no 2x shirts for my guy. But maybe next time.

  • s rose

    My name is Samantha Rosen and I am a mom to two cool
    boys. They are friends with Brooke, a 13
    year old girl who is blind. I am blessed
    to know her family. They are inspiring,
    kind, and totally in love with each other.
    I am unsure of all of Brookes’ health issues other than I know she was
    born blind. She LOVES music. When Brooke
    sings it sounds like angels, she is beautiful.
    I once told her I was jealous of her voice, she told me not to be
    jealous, be happy!

    Brooke also gets obsessed with words. Her latest obsession is DEJA VU. She always asks “what song has déjà vu
    in it” and then laughs. We have
    even started to make up jokes. For
    example, “what’s the opposite of déjà false……….déjà
    true”!!! The song “Drive
    by” was played about 100 times at her bat mitzvah. I enjoy watching my sons sing to Brooke the
    beginning of your song “Drive by”, when they get to the part where you say déjà
    vu, she smiles and jumps up and down. It
    is really uplifting.

    I’m not sure why I writing to you. I don’t expect anything.

    I just wanted you to know that you matter a lot to a special
    girl that can’t even see you.

  • Marsha S

    Have to tell you how much I love you and your music. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I use your songs to teach special education students, and ‘Drops of Jupiter’ is one of the most mind-expanding, dream-exploring, possibility-creating, opportunity-knocking, potential-unlimiting songs ever! Got nothing but love for ya! Peace.

  • Terry

    Me and my husband are “mini mooning” in Erie Pa wish you were here

  • Thelma

    Hello Michael! Ray!! Still believe your a vampire! You 20yrs run was good… maybe we can chat about old times…

    So Pat your wrote Drops of Jupiter? ReAlLy?

    I already wrote the another writer Chris something about a review? LOL

    20yrs after and i have to sit here and listen to the song… worst part i have to remember… YeAh

  • Elizabeth

    After hurricane sandy leaves the state of Maryland …we could sure use some live Train music :)

  • Debbie Leeds

    Just really got into your songs in the last couple of months, absolutely fabtastic haven’t stopped playing California 37 cd in the car since! Booked to see the band live in Leeds in February and I’m really excited after hearing you on radio two live a few weeks ago. Your fabtastic Pat and thanks train too for the great songs xxx

  • Mary Kay

    Hello from Washington state! Your show at the Puyallup fair this year touched my heart….I have become a loyal fan. I was in tears when you brought up that beautiful young girl. You have the ability to touch and change so many lives with your music and your spirit. Your music has changed my attitude and my life! THANK YOU! God Bless you all and your family and friends! Happy Holidays

  • Tara

    Something good has to come out of this tragedy. It will likely take time and we can never change how those families that lost children, those children who lost siblings, those family members who lost family, will feel. What we can do is change our behavior. I posted this on Facebook last night and truly mean it.

    For me I came back to Train’s lyrics and a song I love. Every time I hear it I imagine it someday comforting my child thinking of me when I pass. I can’t get my head around these parents thinking of Looking to the Sky for their child.

    Here was my post:
    If any good can come from this it has helped put things in perspective.
    One of my favorite songs says…
    “And all the words I didn’t say, caught up in some busy day. And every dance on the kitchen floor, we didn’t have before.”

    I’m going to do my best to live in the moment and not let life/work/things get in the way! Have those dances, say those words!

    THis is my way to change and I’m hoping I can stick to it. I’m sure I will fall of track every now and then, but I’m really going to try. And along the way I will say prayers for the new Angels that lost their lives so senselessly. And the hero’s that are still here that saved others, and especially those families who had their lives changed in an instant.

  • Norma Haner

    Hello Patrick, I am a fan you! I always wondered about your beautiful song, “Drops of Jupiter,” I dreamed about it as when you get away from the world, in an way that you don’t want to be bothered….I didn’t know Train, (47 now)…but couldn’t stop listening your song….it always took me far away…but I do feel and sense a claim to someone, is it to yourself, or it is regret to something? I started my second round at 33, have for first time 3 kids, now they 13, 11 and 8….it is a journey….I don’t feel old but in a new time…being a mom, a wifey and getting my BBA almost done with my last 3 classes….I just wanted to talk to you….it is great to talk to others…but specially those who influence your feelings….Thanks for doing such unique songs that reaches the souls!! XOXO Norma Liliana :)

  • Captiva mermaid

    Hi Pat, know you wrote Mermaid about me when you were at Captiva. Thanks ! I wrote one for you. I think you will do a great job with it.

  • M lindsay

    Hey Pat! You probably don’t remember much or any of the Labor Day concert at the Minnesota State Fair 2 years ago. Well I do. My boyfriend at the time pushed me into the ilse and you happened to have seen it and said “hey don’t push your sister!” Later in the concert when you sang She’s on Fire, I was invited on stage along with like 15 other girls and out of all of them you picked me to sing with you and we sang in front of the sold out 75 thousand person crowd. It was litterally the most exciting thing i’ve ever done. Thank you so much!
    My favorite song used to be If it’s Love, but my ex turned it into a song I couldn’t bear to listen to. That concert was the last time I’ve heard that song until tonight. I was finally able to listen to it and just move on. I’m convinced you had something to do with it :) ever since I was two years old I’ve known that I want to perform on stage as a singer or in the movies as an actress, at times I doubted myself but weirdly one of your many songs comes on and I don’t know why but hearing your songs gives me the confidence and determination to push forward. Someday soon when i’m famous i’ll be able to thank you personally. Until then, thank you again!
    M. Lindsay

  • Eric

    Hey Pat,
    My name’s Eric Poe, and I’m a percussionist with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra from Cleveland, OH. We’re an extremely unique group in that we’re the only youth orchestra in the nation that plays strictly contemporary music. Our final concert of each season is the “Rock The Orchestra” concert in which we collaborate with a rock group to orchestrate, rehearse, and perform numbers. We’ve performed with rock greats such as Styx, Pat Benatar, Jon Anderson, and Donnie Iris. Members of CYO have been discussing the best band for our concert this year, and unanimously Train has been selected as the best choice. We feel your music would mesh flawlessly with ours to create something great. Please consider emailing our director, Liza Grossman (, if you’re interested! You’re music’s amazing and this is a chance to hear it in a whole new way!

    Thanks a lot, and hope to hear from you soon!

  • Anna Maria Giordano

    Hi Pat, I really Love your Music …. I’d like to see a your concert, unfortunately I live in Italy, Sicily I Love LA, and Train’s Music remind me of my ”Wonderland” . Have a nice tour !!!!

  • Zahrina

    Hi.. Pat, I really enjoy with your song. My kids also really like your song especially DRIVE BY…Good luck to you and your band..TRAIN…

  • SR

    Great job on Hawaii 5-0 tonight

  • regina

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT! We have .been to see train twice at the Peabody Oprah House. You guys put on a fantastic show. In December we had front row seats and we got autographs and it was just out of this world. Thanks for being who you guys are down to earth and you just seem to care. My 4 year o
    ld daughter loves train too. She sings your songs and just gets down to your music. Thanks for being who you are.

  • mike

    Not many comments on this page. Enjoyed your music for years and will miss the old CDs, new music, and all to come. Your recent position against the Boy Scouts of America is disheartening. I wish you would have just supported me for me instead of asking me by demand to conform to another standard. I will be at the National Jamboree with or without you and strive to have a positive experience despite your absolution of my values. I’m going to watch one more video and go on about my business–best of luck.

  • TrainLover

    I LOVE TRAIN!!!! I wish I could meet them…

  • sydney

    my girlfriends daughtied died while in college..

    thought you may like to see how your ‘soul sister’ words fit the memorial video

    she was much loved and is missed

  • Donna

    I just wanted you to know that when I watch you singing I feel your happiness and see it on your face and that brings joy into my life. So thank you

  • mark yeager

    Mark Yeager from McDowell at the Tampa Fair Grounds going to the show tonight. Give me a call at 813-326-5884. Thanks Pat or Sam.

  • Tim Lawson

    Hello Pat, My name is Tim Lawson me and my wife recently purchased tickets to your show at ETSU in Tennessee my little girls just love you and your music they had seen you once before In Cincinnati last Summer. Sadly the venue wouldn’t let them in the show at ETSU because they were under the age of 18 :( Could you please contact them just so they will feel better about the situation thanks and God Bless keep up the good work on the road. Below is a picture of them holding the sign they mad hoping to get on stage with you.

    Tim Lawson
    599 Hinkle Rd.
    Pennington Gap,VA 24277

  • CarolHanq

    Pat, I just wanted to tell you that I love your blogs. Your insight into yourself and this world is amazing. The fact that you discuss what you might consider your flaws shows how mature and thoughtful you really are. While I tend to view you as “superman”, it is lovely to see that you are a thinking and feeling human being that we can all learn from and appreciate. You make my life better. See you in Ohio and thank you for saying hello in Tampa.

  • CarolHanq

    I mean I will see you in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois and maybe more, who knows. Love to show you around Indy!

  • Mary Ann Willis

    I met my husband when I was 15 we have been together ever since then . We have been best friends since day one. He has been my rock through the hardest of times when my mom was fighting cancer for six months then with my own illness there were days I wanted to give up being sick and my dad fighting Alzheimer’s it was all too much but he gave me the courage to fight so thanks to him and the power of god I’m stil here raising two wonderful grandchildren ages 12 and 8 I never in a million years thought I’d be raising more kids but god had a plan for me and I’m thankful for it. The first time I heard the song Marry me it brought butterfly’s to my stomach just like the first time I saw my husband. I would give anything to see train in concert their songs had pulled me

  • Megan

    Dear Pat,
    I am a 10th Grade student at Clear Falls high school in Houston and i am doing a poetry project on your song “Save me, San Fransisco”. I would love to know the basis on what inspired you to write it. I bet you get it a lot but i really do believe your work is poetry and that is why i chose you as my inspiration for this assignment. I must do a biography on your life and things you have accomplished. There are many sights on the internet of great things you have done but im curious as if there is anything you have experienced as a singer/song writer either with train or solo that wouldnt be found on the internet? I dont know if this is really you but it would be awesome if it was since it is difficult to get ahold of celebrity emails. My name is Megan Mallary and id love to hear about anything you would share with me.

  • John Snyderwine

    Hi Pat! We grew up in the same neighborhood. You were three years behind me. Our family had the corner house at 30th. & Greengarden Blvd.. My boys & I love your music. Take care! John Snyderwine.

  • dallastrainproposal2013@gmail


    I am planning a proposal to my girlfriend whom I have known for 7 years at Trains show on August 3, 2013 in Dallas, TX. I want to make it super special and propose after Train plays Marry Me. It has been done before at the SAME VENUE so I know it is possible and I think it would be great for them to make a moment special for two normal people like us, and definitely surprise my girlfriend. Below I am posting a link as an example, I think it would be very heartfelt and amazing and I know its a long shot but there’s always amazing people making things possible in this life everyday. PLEASE HELP push my message across to get a contact. I made an email for contact because I didn’t want my name being shown to spoil the whole proposal by her or anyone else seeing it and accidentally passing it.

    My contact email is

    and the youtube example is

    PLEASE HELP ME and don’t be negative towards me, I know its a long shot but I love Train and it would be perfect and you’ll never know if you never try!


    -with love

  • dallastrainproposal2013@gmail


    I am planning a proposal to my
    girlfriend whom I have known for 7 years at Trains show on August 3,
    2013 in Dallas, TX. I want to make it super special and propose after
    Train plays Marry Me. It has been done before at the SAME VENUE so I
    know it is possible and I think it would be great for them to make a
    moment special for two normal people like us, and definitely surprise my
    girlfriend. Below I am posting a link as an example, I think it would
    be very heartfelt and amazing and I know its a long shot but there’s
    always amazing people making things possible in this life everyday.
    PLEASE HELP push my message across to get a contact. I made an email for
    contact because I didn’t want my name being shown to spoil the whole
    proposal by her or anyone else seeing it and accidentally passing it.

    My contact email is

    and the youtube example is

    HELP ME and don’t be negative towards me, I know its a long shot but I
    love Train and it would be perfect and you’ll never know if you never


    -with love

  • Anthony

    HI Pat,
    My wedding got moved up to July 20 and I have Train tickets that day. Just could not give up the tickets, so we decided to spend our honeymoon at the train concert. It would really make my new wife’s day if she could meet the band.

  • Von Haage

    Testify our love
    For the first time in my life
    I stopped thinking about you
    and I know, I promised not to

    So I decided to testify our love
    In a song that will last
    to the ends of time

    cause we may go’
    but our love will hold
    cause it’s so strong
    it will hold….

    You be princess
    I’ll be beggar
    begging for your love
    all night long

    Cause we may not know
    what we may become
    but our love will hold
    to the end of times

    cause we may go’
    but our love will hold
    cause it’s so strong
    it will hold….



    This song is very dear to my heart and it was written to a person who didn’t really deserved it… good thing she never heard it.

    I have the melody that fits perfectly. If you read this and like the lyrics, write me at vonhaage @ gmail .com

    Words and melody together just sounds like a Train song. That’s the reason I will like to present it.


    Von Haage
    July 2, 2013
    (San Juan, PR)

  • Alanna Robillard

    I ACTUALLY HAVE A REQUEST….more than a comment really…

    My name is Alanna Robillard, I lived
    and worked, both paid and volunteered, in Toronto (away from my family). In 2004 on my way driving to Montreal on
    Christmas Eve, I had a car accident. I
    suffered a traumatic brain injury, which left me half paralyzed. I had a Train CD as my morning wake-up alarm –
    that`s the first connection. Anyway, enough about me….

    This is a small personal introduction,
    this is REALLY about my sister, Jennifer, who`s is getting married on August 31st,

    I`ve been working VERY HARD, as I
    promised my sister, that I`d be able to WALK down the aisle as her Maid of

    I wrote repeatedly through your website a
    few months ago, but I received no response.
    Yesterday, my sister told me that she had a dream that the band Train
    showed up at her wedding reception. So I
    thought…..hmmmm….You don`t mess with Karma, so I`ll give it another shot.

    I know you`re giving a performance in
    Toronto, July 14th, – today actually! But I like to imagine there`s a POSSIBILITY
    of you granting my wish!


  • Elizabeth

    Pat u r amazing and I love u. I don’t wanna sound like a weird crazy fan girl but u r so incredible. I was at Taylor’s party at nemicolin on mon. and I was the one who made the heart. In Elizabeth and will u marry me?!!;-D

  • nick widmer

    Pat! Please sing mississippi!

  • jkld

    Love Soul Sister.

    Here’s the 2011 Bluecoats Drum & Bugle Corps Encore version that they used during the DCI competitions that year.

  • grewvychick

    Pat – Met you a couple times – once on your Last of Seven tour. Your music has been a part of many recoveries from tragedy over the last severeal years. PLEASE GRACE DALLAS WITH ‘ALWAYS MIDNIGHT’ – I’ll be there! ~ love, tink

    • Pat – fan

      请问:”人名简称是 Pat – Met ? 我是一个Chinese !”

  • Anne

    Pat saw you in Camden got a meet and greet pic the concert rocked !!!! Thanks for playing we were made for this and feels good at first. Third year straight seeing you guys with my daughter , this year brought my son also. Will continue to go every year. I’m a Pennsylvania/Phily girl. Love you guys!!!!!

  • Erika

    Good afternoon. I would like to request that you play “Meet Virginia” in today in Austin, Texas August 4th. My Daughter is named Virginia after her grandmother; they shared the same birthday. Unfortunately, Virginia’s grandmother passed away last year, and it has been rough on my daughter. This concert is a special birthday gift to Virginia, and it is her first concert as she just turned 13.
    Virginia and I will be on the floor on Sunday and we look forward to your performance. BTW, my Virginia’s “hair is always a mess… she’s beautiful”! Many thanks for your consideration.

  • Elizabeth

    Pat u r so amazing. I was at that party for my friend and I saw u I was the one who made a heart. U did it back. I love u!!!!!!!!!!;-D marry me!!!!!!! Love Elizabeth!!! <3

  • Jennifer

    Hi Pat! My husband (Tim) and I are so excited to be attending the Train concert on Sunday, August 11th in San Francisco. One year ago to the day we were married in Warren, Ohio and our wedding song was to Marry Me. We were happily surprised to see that exactly one year later you guys would be giving a concert in San Fran and that we would be attending. We will be driving up the coast from Hermosa Beach, CA to celebrate our anniversary and there is no better way to end our trip but at the Train concert. We are hoping Marry Me will be played and can’t wait to see this amazing concert! – Jennifer

  • mustang sally

    From Sal in Atl

    How ironic listening to the topic of conversation with Gavin DeGraw on your PatCast regarding meeting someone you highly admire and appreciate. Since you are that for me and with that being true since I first saw the Train live dvd. Since the Drops of Jupiter days you have been my all time favorite male artist and Train of course my favorite band. I was really saddened to find you rude and obnoxious to me when I got to finally make it backkstage after an Atlanta xmas concert. You were unwilling to stop but for one single second to snap a photo with me and had it not been for your amazing drummer asking you to take it I would have not had that. I still appreciate the talent. Just not so much the human being I was presented with that evening. So I try to take the position such as Gavin explained that while I still admire the talent I will just attempt to separate the artist from the man and not attempt to mix the two. I listen to your Patcast and have enjoyed it very much . The most recent concert I caught at Aarons in Atl w Gavin and The Script was the best set list in years. While I, like you, would love to hold a grudge against you til I die, I will just cut you some slack there and write that off to you having an off night .

  • Cardina Roennebeck

    My whole family loves this band. My sister had some songs at her wedding and my mom and brothers love “50 Ways to Say Goodbye”. It’s so hard to find good music today! Your one band I still listen to now days. I love the music, cause it has no cussing and other things that Christian’s shouldn’t listen to. Thank you for that, and please keep writing your awesome songs! You guys are awesome. I wish I could see you guys in concert, but no one comes to El Paso…. We can’t afford to go anywhere else. So I’ll just be The Lonesome Looser lol. Thanks so much!

  • Heather C

    Hi Pat,
    It was a blessing to talk to you on the plane yesterday and get to know a little about your soul. Thank you for your kindness, you are an amazing person in heart and soul! I feel blessed to have discovered tour music years ago as so many pieces touch my heart. You are a true gift to those who share your music or cross your path! Take care of yourself and be true to your spirit as you write more music to lift our souls and change our lives.
    Love, light and hugs always,
    Heather C

  • Diane Lee Glaod

    I remember a wonderful concert at the 930 Club in DC many years ago when Train was in its infancy. I remember thinking to myself…WOW…great band and I’m definitely going to buy their CD! I miss those days…..

  • Ruth Noyes

    Hi Pat, Do you ever license your songs to be used in home made videos? If so, what would that cost be? Thanks! Ruth Noyes

  • Melika Djemai

    Hi Pat,

    Melika from Ireland here-I’m a huge fan!! REALLY hoping you would help me with something VERY important. My two good friends (Niamh, my best friend, and Jeff) are getting married in December 2013 and have chosen Drops of Jupiter as their “wedding/first dance” song. I was wondering if you would record a message of best wishes as they are also big fans. When Niamh (pronounced Neev) was 19, her mother passed away. Her mother was battling cancer since she was 18 years of age and sadly lost her fight in April 2002 at the age of 39. This song has such personal meaning to Niamh, I know it would mean a lot to the both of them, if you (the writer of their favourite song) would maybe send them a message that I can show them, and all their guests, on their wedding day. I thought long and hard about what gift to give my closest friend in the world on her wedding day and this would be something that money really couldn’t buy and would hold such sentimental value. You’re probably really busy but REALLY hoping you would consider this… they have no idea I am doing this so it would be a great surpise too (“,)

    PS, we went to your show in Vicar Street, Dublin this year and it was UNREAL (“,)

    Many thanks and living in hope,

    Melika Djemai xxx(“,)xxx

  • Cleo

    Hi Pat, Not sure if you still read these because last note appears to have been written a year ago…but here goes…I caught you singing on CSI NY last night – I’m from the UK and was really quite stunned at what a great voice this guy had (and he wasn’t bad looking either! – so glad they caught the killers before you ‘popped your cloggs’ – even if it was just a storyline) – I had to look you up after the credits and after some research realised you were actually quite well-known!! lols (who knew!!)

    Being in my late 40s, I had heard of ‘Train’ but never really listened to you until now. (Usually into the old Jazz, Ella, Ray Charles, Chet Baker etc), but really love ‘Wait for me’, ‘Hey Soul Sister’ and you posted a version of Hallelujah on this site which was really lovely – and now I’m going to have to go and buy one of your albums! Damn it!

    Anyway, keep it up and I’ll try and get to a concert sometime next time I’m in the States….or if you come to the UK…

    PS: Do the boys in the band ever smile, they’re all really good looking but why so serious? – they do look like they enjoy playing the instruments – but would be good to know they let loose sometimes – you look serious in some interviews or ads but when you’re on stage you look like you really enjoy singing and its nice to watch!

  • natalie mareci

    Hi Pat…just wondering if you do any guest appearances for charity? I belong to a local non for profit women’s organization in Shorewood Illinois called the Shorewood HUGS. We help people in our community and surrounding suburbs that may be in need.

  • IndigoBro

    Pat….long overdue but here it is. YOU kicked this whole thing off in front of me @ neurolux w ‘calling all angels’…. full house, they showed up, eat your Wheaties…to the we go. Maybe you could think of it as an awakening from a shattered mind body, after 25 yrs of never giving it….yes it was ugly at times…yes there are regrets and small fragments along the roadless travelled…but we are here…help has arrived BIGTIME…god thinks you’re pretty cool and so do I. You were soothin through radio when I kd this note off….madonna…. so yes Pat are synchronized. Please help Jahi McMath….she needs your chi ♡ and ☆ pwr @godspeed. My best and w many many blessings and thanks. Trev 777….dude you killed the lux and called em collect……you blew up after that…I knew you would. So did you….that was the cool part.

    so call me next time you think neurolux cld happen again…a circle of completion….a proper launch into the 1000 yr Age of peace and global harmonics. . . .yeah that was 2005?? I think….amnesia’s a son of 16 ga shotgun. Your ug brutha in b oh I. Thank you Train….seriously…thank you. Namaste /Trev 208 703 9525.

  • IndigoBro

    these dam cell phone keyboards…full of typos…ha. small fingers are good for some things. Sry I btchrd yr blog. You get the gist …..big fan…big thx that’s all. tdhk

  • IndigoBro

    w local props to good ol fashion radio…me…im a 94.7man myself.. the only river that floats my magical bullet ridden…sometimes functional kayak . ken misty tim mellisa gary…making magic moments wherever I go….it’s…well…..disneylike….you know, magi(Cal). Now you know….or now I know…same/same no matter. Thank god and colorado for bringing medicinal…to the people. Ice on Fire…all 7s.
    Gotime….watch (rewatch)fightclub ‘what did YOU you really want to be Cho…w your life…what did you Want to be….’
    ‘ a Veterinarian. …a Veterinarian. …’… all who read this…fill in your blank…jan 2014…a great time to step back…take pause….askyourself…’is this who I am?’….you decide…just you.
    Gov Christie is doing this today….so is that CEO at Elk River….

  • Guest

    Pat – you and the other Train members are a huge part of my life and I wanted to thank you for that. Chances are we’ll probably never ever meet but it would be my absolute pleasure if we ever do. You are an inspiration and more songwriters should be like you. I don’t know you but I’m proud of you and hope you, Scott and Jimmy continue for many years to come. And come to England soon – you have a lot of fans here!! Love, Diane xxx

  • Diane

    Pat – you and the other Train members are a huge part of my life and I wanted to thank you for that. Chances are we’ll probably never ever meet but it would be my absolute pleasure if we ever do. You are an inspiration and more songwriters should be like you. I don’t know you but I’m proud of you and hope you, Scott and Jimmy continue for many years to come. And come to England soon – you have a lot of fans here!! Love, Diane xxx Also, feel free to email me at

  • Chris

    So I understand that this is a long shot. I understand how busy you are, and if you responded to every crazy request, you would have no time and go insane. I also never thought that I would ever be the guy to be desperately begging for a such a request. However, it’s worth it, so here it is. My name is Chris and I have been dating my beautiful girlfriend, Ali, for over 5 years now. She truly is the love of my life, and I can’t imagine a life without her. Therefore, in two weeks on Feb. 8th, I will be asking her hand in marriage which she is unaware of. Now for the crazy request. We are both huge fans of Train since Drops of Jupiter days, and I have immense respect for your work. However, your song, Marry Me, became more than just a song for Ali. I remember the first time we heard it, tears poured from her eyes because it exemplified the love that we have and always need to strive for in our relationship. Of course she wants that song to be in our wedding, and I can’t think of anything more ideal. I was wondering/hoping/pleading if you could record a voice memo, recording, video, anything with some kind words to Ali and possibly close it saying that you wanted to help me (Chris) ask something that I’ve been meaning to ask for quite some time. It would then lead into your song Marry Me, as I step out and pop the question. I can mix it so that it would lead into the song if that’s too much trouble! I’m not picky, and honestly you can say whatever you wish! I trust a exceptional lyricist over my imagination any day! Nevertheless, if you managed to have time to do this, I would be FOREVER grateful! If not, I completely understand. Just in case, my email is Regardless, keep doing what your doing, and thank you so much for your time and consideration if you read this!

  • Sean Michael

    I just heard the remix of ‘Beautiful Girl’, and it had tears falling
    How can I hate and love you at the same time Pat?

  • Crystal

    I think this is incredible bullshit. Is there a way to contact him personally or semi? I dont have much money but I would love for him to hit our small town.I know that he would have a good time with good folks. 325-636-3228 (, His music brought me to a place outside of the abuse I endured during childhood.

  • Crystal

    Ahh..nevermind. I now see everyone else’s posts.