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This Media will keep changing!

Pat Monahan – Backstage Interview w/Tanner from Star 106.5 Sacramento 8/13

Pat Monahan – Even When You Turn To Snow, Live Acoustic Salt Lake City 2008

Wild Horses, Train – Live – NYE Chicago 2005

Pat Monahan – Hallehujah

Pat Monahan on Red Eye FOX News ’08 Discussing Last of Seven Acoustic & upcoming Train Album

  • patmonahan_net

    next up is…..

    • Thelma

      Take those posts down. of mine. no matter how much he deserves what he has earned Tell pat that the group ‘indigos’ on the atlanta corner Tell him two yrs my mom died but it was worth everything… coming here to fla. I got to see my mother for only two yrs.. im proud of him… Ask him if he still has those Captain america comics will ya lol Thelma

  • Lgdaglio

    Why you do not perform in Central Valley? is California too? and Mexico?

  • Gailco001

    Listening to this… no wonder you have fans of all ages and stages.  Last show I was at, had a gaggle of teen girls behind me and some 50-somethings in front, while me, my husband, and our two children (ages 3 & 5) were sandwiched between.  Always great fun.  Can’t wait for this summer’s show at Wolftrap!

  • Gailco001

    W-O-W is all I can say about Pat’s performance of “Hallelujah.”  Loving media of the moment!

  • Rlgsutton

    LOVE the new album!

  • Bryanweimer

    I absolutely love your acoustic version of Ripple In The Water!! I am really looking forward to more of that style from you!

  • Trainfans

    From the 2004 club tour shows, would love to hear any (or all) of the following:  Houses of the Holy,  Jamie’s Crying, Jump, Walk this way, You shook me all night long.  Thanks !!!

  • Michelle Tung

    “Wild Horses” is my favorite song of Rolling Stones!!! & now I love it more because of Pat’s… ^o^/ Thanks for sharing this with us!!! & when I heard his “Hallehujah”… Pat really took my breath away~~ I love Pat !!! XDDD 

  • sherrygettome

    That’s my Pat! There’s nothing he can’t sing!….Pat, I want these!!! How can we ever get YOUR version of Wild Horses and Hallehujah???  By the way, I love hearing you sing Stay With Me!

  • KatyBaby

    As usual nothing short of vocal perfection.  Can’t wait for Mohegan Sun in August.

  • Trainfans

    Please, more solo Pat !!!   Love the song. 

  • Dcarroll

    Where can I get thse songs??? Awesome!!

  • Trainfans

    Time for some new songs please.  Love Media of the Moment.

  • TrainacKayla

    so amazing! he can sing anything and everything! his voice is the most amazing beautiful incredible voice ever! he is so incredible!

  • Karen Norton

    Saw you at the gig in Toronto recently for Microsoft. Awesome!!

  • dtut

    Curious about that shirt with the woman’s picture you wore in your Chicago concert. It said God save _________? I couldn’t get that last word. Can someone enlighten me? Really like your music!

  • fly free

    Your voice is AMAZING and your songs are filled with such emotion. Central Park show was fabulous! Thanks for the gift of your voice! “Breakfast in Bed” is my fave! Great Job!

  • Thelma Landers

    You remind me of someone i use to know..Drops of Jupiter.. that was my song I will always remember you.

  • Blair


  • Rosieontheradio

    Never heard Pat sing like he does here in Hallelujah, almost thought it wasn’t him.

  • TrainiacKayla

    love This is not your life! <3

  • bonnie holt

    Pat: Thanks for these songs…. What a great way to share these songs with your fans. We don’t get to hear you sing them on radio, albums, or concerts (usually!) Thanks again… Beautiful songs, Beautifully sang.

  • dcarroll

    Where can I get this song Hallehujah??

  • Thelma

    Take my posts down all of them please …

  • odry

    great selection

  • Pam Thornton

    Pat,Your song Hallilujah is so spiritual and from the heart.Why dont you record a Christmas CD Love Pam

  • sherrygettome

    Pat I have never before heard of the Sp. Olympics annu. music compilation. (No wonder) My youngest son is autistic. He was diagnosed at 2 & is now 15. Advocating for his rights back then (2000) was mentally exhausting. (It took a min. but we got it done!). But as big as the mountain was before me, I had a huge support system. My husband, family, church and most of all my God. I wish I could tell you of all the amazing miracles & ways prayers were answered for him. Anyway I must tell you, being my fav artist, you are so clever. Always. The words you write and music you bring to life. Now having said that, I am so impressed with your rendition of “Joy To The World”. Pat, so many times artist try to make a Christmas classic different; their own. But it’s just the same ole’ tiresome stuff. But you succeeded. You absolutely made it your own. You made it “Train”. And as always, your performace was steller! That’s why your fans love you. I 1st met you in Charlotte on the CAL 37 tour and wish I could’ve told you how much your music helps me at times. Train is all I listen to when I am driving taking my son to his appts., and for me, these are my “sane” moments.(There’s not a single quite moment at home) I love to sing, and I’m and alto…so I sing right along with your music. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for being so kind when I met you. I forgot to tell you my name. There wasn’t enough time. But, I couldn”t see you w/out my glasses (losing my up-close vision), and in true female vein fashion, I told you about it. And when I put them on, I looked up and your face was right there for me to see you. Being that you were a good bit taller than me. I guess you were leaning over a bit ? I’m not sure, but you were so sweet…I remember every detail about your face. What fan can say that? And you also obliged me when I asked for a hug, which in my family, is a common southern way to say hello & goodbye. I actually came up from Augusta, GA for the show. I wanted you to know that this was my 1st Train concert & my 1st “girls trip” to have some fun out where I felt like I could finally seperate from my son and he would be okay, after 15 years. So, this night was a big deal for me. So here I was, meeting you. My favorite artist. My husband paid for my VIP ticket, my sisters & best girlfirends, lodging; the entire trip. He said I needed to get away. It would be good for me. He knew I loved Train and Pat Monahan. He’s right. Your photographer got mad at me. Tell that son-of-a-gun to hold his horses… :) … Oh well. I danced all night. I had the time of my life. Thanks Pat. Much love, Sherry Williford ps Are you gonna do Bruises
    girls again?

  • Pam

    please come back to phila area so I can go to your concert music is the heart and soul of your music I can teel Thanks Pam

  • One True Red

    I cry, every time I hear you sing Pat.

  • Rochelle Johnson

    I loved your performance at Augies Quest! Thanks

  • Stuart

    When I was directed to watch your

    I wondered if you had known at the time
    that you were, for lack of a better word, a “Tool” of something
    greater. I see from your blogs that you are a remarkable and caring
    person so perhaps that is why. Today I saw a video of you discussing
    the inspiration for the song and how it had come to you in a strange
    dream. Well you were right, you don’t just go, you are here to become
    truly just, in school if you will. Here’s another video I was
    directed to watch, I wonder if you can put the two together…

    Stay on the path to becoming truly
    just, TRAIN.

  • Jacey Lofton

    Hey Pat. My name is Jacey and I am sixteen years old from Houston, Texas. My best friend’s name is Quinton and he really means a lot to me. He’s a type A diabetic and just in the past year or so of knowing him, he’s been through a tough time with many hospitalizations and a few scares that really affected him on many levels, and I thank God every day that he is healthy and in a much better place physically and mentally today. A little while back however, we had gone through a rough patch of our own and decided to stop being friends. This was very hard on the both of us. But then you and your band Train had come to the woodlands pavilion last September, and he and I had already bought tickets before hand and decided to go together. We ended up having an amazing time, talking and laughing and even ended up dancing together to your song “Drops of Jupiter” because it was special to the both of us. That concert restarted our friendship again. I wanted to thank you for that. It really made me realize what an amazing friendship I had thrown away. I love him very much and so grateful. For his birthday, I bought us tickets to your next Train concert at the Woodlands, August 2 (Can’t wait!!) and it would be really special if you could play and dedicate that song to him. He means a lot to me, and seeing how I’m terrible with words, I don’t really tell him that enough. But if you don’t, I’m still thankful. Just you playing that song last September was more than enough. So thank you.

  • michael carrozzo

    Hello Pat, I’m Michael Carrozzo and I am a big fan of Train. I have 11 years and I live in Italy. My favorite songs are:1) Drive by, Save Me San Francisco, Mermaid, Drops of Jupiter, Shake Up Christmas, 50 ways to say Goodbye and Hey Soul Sister.

  • olga

    lost my mum recently to brain tumor. hearing drops of jupiter did not know what inspired it but somehow felt it at once. thank you for your genuine self you put into your songs and your immense heart. hope train may find their way to russia – lots of fans here. good luck to you.