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Pat and Alicia Zore – June 7, 2012

Pat and Sheri – April 9, 2010 Reno, NV

Pat and Amanda – August, 2010 Memphis, TN

Pat and Miranda – April, 2006 Chicago, IL

Pat and Misti – Denver, CO

Pat and ?

  • fantester

    Testing Fan section

  • Sabine

     …what can i say….great music …great man ….:-) i wish i had a man like you <3  lg Sabine  from Germany

  • Lisa Edgell Nutter

    Pat is such a truly wonderful person!!  I can’t wait to finally meet him in person in Dayton in September!! 

  • Ibi

    Please say happy birthday to alicia lambert and let her sing with you tommorrow at the palis

  • Jorge

    Hoping this reaches Pat.  My 16 year old daughter recently posted a video of your song as she played it on her guitar (she first teaches and then sings it).  Please take a look at it on Youtube:


  • ngp

    Did anyone get a video of the song Bruises at Summerfest 2012 in Milwaukee? Train singing with Monica from Milwaukee? Please post it to utube. Thanks!!

  • Darla Smith

    I saw you at the Houston rodeo and loved the show. I wanted to get a t-shirt but none of them were really very feminine. Have your wive’s (or girlfriends) help you design a pretty, feminine t-shirt or two (maybe a fitted one?) …..all of the women would appreciate and love it. Thanks :)

  • Dave Pelkowski

    Hey Pat, saw u in concert 8/30/12 Monmouth college was so impressed with you and the band. You guys truly know your fans. Read about the meaning of drops of jupiter. I miss my mom too. I wish only the best for u guys. Thanks for making me smile. U guys r awesome.

  • Farmer_Al

    The family and I saw you guys at Tanglewood last Friday. Thanks for an excellent show. I am very impressed with the quality of the performance. Your dedication to the fans is obvious in your performance. I was both moved by the music and entertained by the antics in the performance…. Look forward to the next time you are out this way…

  • Kim Rudloff

    Pat~my friend won tickets for me to meet and greet you at the Dayton Music Festival and I’m sooooooo excited to finally meet you!!!! Kim

  • Heather

    Hey Pat. Can’t wait to see you tonight in Salt Lake. My friend Sandra Martinez is obsessed with Train and all things Pat. If you could give her a shout out it would mean the world to her. She will be in the front first row because she plans on arriving at 1pm…for your show that starts at 7pm!! (told you she was obsessed) She had tickets to the meet and greet last night in Denver but couldn’t make it due to her husband having surgery. Thanks so much..see ya tonight!!

  • NMM

    Shout out to you and the band from Denver. Saw you guys at Red Rocks last night and I just wanted to say that was probably one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. Your music makes me happy and your sincereity to your fans inspires me. Can’t wait to see you live again. Thanks for a truly entertaining evening.

  • James n Bonnie

    Would love to see you boys come back to Erie

  • toni

    can anyone tell me if there is somehow to get pat to somehow make a personal visit for a very ill mom…my mom just turned 78 and is totally and madly crazy about pat…she is getting dementcia now and is very forgetful but still knows who pat is…and still loves listening to her favorite song “soul sister”..her days are limited and she always said i wanna meet pat before i die…being her daughter i wish to god i could make this come true but i dont know how to reach him…please any ideas please let me know..thank you Toni

  • Mike Crockett

    I love your music. I listen to Pandora a lot on my commute to and from work, and my Train Pandora station is the one that I find myself listening to the most. I admire the things that you have accomplished. You seem like an awesome person. My wife says she has a crush on you, and since it’s you, I’m okay with it, since I guess I have what one might call a “man crush.” I’ve done a lot of music in my life, though none in a professional scenario. I enjoy it. I also enjoy plucking out some of your songs on my guitar for my family. All my kids know who my favorite band is (the ones who are old enough to care, anyway). Keep doing what you’re doing, and I hope to be able to see you guys in concert some time.
    Mike Crockett
    P.S. If you ever find yourself in the Southern Utah area, look us up. We’d love to have you and the guys over for a BBQ.

  • Helen

    Hey, Pat, we just saw you at the Today Show Concert in NY. Unfortunately, we did not get an autograph or any items they were giving out, my teen daughter was extremely upset! She runs around signing your music constantly! Anything you can do?

  • Pam Thornton

    hey Pat love you and your music when im down I listen to your music Hope you come to Philadelphia Pa when you visit erie Pa i live in Bucks county pa

  • Johnnyb

    I just want to state what a wonderfull human being you are! i just saw you in St.louis at the pagent 12-15-12..the compassion you showed for the Sandy shootings had me in tears. And i have always been so impressed with your humbleness.God Bless you for sharing your gift of music with the world.

  • heather

    i just wanted to say you are truly an amazing person.i may still be in school but i am able to appreciate beautiful music when i hear it.Yours is that and more.You are my hero and i hope to one day be just like you.

  • Agnieszka

    Great music, i love it. Thank you .Someday maybe in Polanad , Lodz. I hope so….
    Best wishes to you

    • Agnieszka

      Poland of course

  • Michele and Charlotte

    My mother saw Mr. Monahan on The Talk during his New Orleans trip. Thought he looked great in his jeans! She’s 78! Good music and talent transcends all ages. Thank you from Michele and Charlotte in Canada

  • Mike

    Sorry to hear that you won’t be performing at the Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree this year because of you non-support for the boys today. Cut it any way you want too. I will miss listening to your music.

  • tolsen

    I love the “Joy to the World” video. Thank you for leaving that on YouTube so it’s always available when I direct my friends there to see what a great singer Pat is. It’s a really great video too.

  • NMcp

    Hi! Just wanted to let you know that my 4yr old son is obsessed with your song Bruises. He is constantly singing it and watching the video. Thanks for all the great music you make!

  • Kristin Dedio

    Hi Pat Monahan my name is Kristin Dedio you are a great lead singer in band Train.
    because you are a great singer you really are.Love you. your friend, Kristin Dedio

  • Jeannette Manley

    Just wanted to let you know when you where in cleveland last year, I bought two 3rd row tickets to see you, But to my dismay, someone stoled my tickets, as i lived in apt, you are the only performer i wanted to see.Iam on limted income and will never have the chance to see you again. I was so hurt. that fed ex did nothing to help me, they even had someone sign for the package, and it wasnt even my name. Just wanted you to know that you are truly a great song writer and singer.I heard you put on a great show, sorry I missed it. PS I loved the song Merry Me you did with Martina Mcbride you where both great. Thanks again for listening to me.

  • Rob and Char Fretwell

    My Wife and I are seeing you tonight in Wheatland Ca. We have seen you many times over the years and we are glad to be seeing you again. Cant Wait, Rob and Char F from Sacramento, Ca. Thanks for all the great memories :-)

  • kara

    I recently learned the meaning behind Drops of Jupiter. I recently lost my mother/best friend. It was a devastating blow. Your courage to write a song
    about such a beautiful yet excruciatingly painful topic is awe inspiring. i wish you the best, Patrick.

  • Toe Touch Guy

    Hi Pat. This is toe touch guy from Las Vegas. I wanted to reach out to you and tell you what a great time I had on stage with Train. Since then, I found out that my wife (age 37) has breast cancer. I can’t help but think that “Don’t Stop Believing” was a message to prepare us for our journey. Thanks for the experience.