By admin • • 9 Jul 2012

So many files from the 10 years and different versions of this website. archives will be become available here for your downloading/viewing pleasure.

What do you want to see? Radio interviews? b-sides? demos? video? photos? blogs?
Post your responses below or Email subject: Archives

Pat Monahan performing with Stevie Wonder Sept 18, 2007

This homepage photo was originally posted on Dec 3, 2003:

  • patmonahan_net

    I will let you know! :)

  • Trainfans

    From the 2004 club tour shows, would love to hear any of the following:  Houses of the Holy,  Jamie’s Crying, Jump, Walk this way, You shook me all night long.  Thanks !!!

  • Soulful Rocker

    Would you happen to have a video of Pat Monahan performing ”Superstition” with Stevie Wonder, and that Al Green thing, where he performed ”I Gotta Be More (Take Me Higher)”?
    If you do, I would much appreciate if you would put it up.
    Thank you very much for keeping this site running, I’ve previously found lots of interesting things here.

  • Michelle Tung

    I want to see all the videos on Pat’s old website… especially “Great Escape” !!! I love the video soooooo much & I’d love to watch it over & over & over again… I really miss that video, please give it back on the new…PLEASE !!! <3 <3 <3

  • TrainacKayla

    i would love to see everything b-sides demos the radio interviews you had were great would love to hear them again like the one were pat was the dj for the radio station was awesome and so hilarious!

  • Larry

    I would like you to post the audio of my favorite version of Hey Soul Sister…from Howard Stern when they used cereal in a coffee cup as one of the instruments…

  • Ellen Silverman Elias

    I am looking for the list of reasons Pat wrote, about why Train loves their fans. Thx so much